Hard Pressed Cider was born in the aftermath of our annual cider festival in Edinburgh. With over 18 years hospitality experience between us, we wondered how it could still be so expensive to source a range of real, high quality cider in Scotland.

Realising there was no dedicated cider distribution company, we decided it would be worthwhile to set one up to supply our own pub and perhaps one or two other establishments in Edinburgh.

Four years down the line and we've grown to supply hundreds bars, bottle shops, festivals and restaurants all over Scotland and the North East of England with the highest quality cider we can source.

We remain a micro-sized, independent company, but aim to offer a well-curated selection of cider to cover all needs, from sessionable kegged cider to the absolute cutting edge of the natural cider movement. Our only stipulation is that love, passion, and care has gone into the production process.

Much of the current market is flooded with overly-sweet, syrupy 'cider' that has barely seen an apple in its lifetime, and generally all tastes the same. Our aim is to offer an accessible full-juice, well-made alternative to this homogeneity, that does service to the passion and drive of the people making it.